Wolfgang Tiedemann – Graphic Design & Paintings

Welcome to my newly arranged homepage.
Here you will find exclusive impressions of my private artwork done over the last 40 years. Unfortunately I didn’t document my pictures right from the beginning so you won’t be able to take a complete view of all of my paintings. But I’ll do my very best to compensate for this neglection in the past.

Just take a stroll through my gallery and have a look at the different themes covered.
Obviously my artwork is strongly influenced by my professional experiences and private interests. Painting cars came naturally to me, because for fifteen years I have worked for several motorsports magazines as a graphic designer. Besides of this there were the pictures of the American Photorealists whose main themes were characteristic illustrations of cars coated in colourful varnishes and blinking chrome. So the focus of the gallery at the moment is laid on Cars.

My passion for the good old Steam railway already started in my childhood. I can still recall the days back in the 1950’s, when my father took me to the Altonaer Hauptbahnhof, as it was known in those times, to witness the raw power of these coal and steam driven machines. Since those days my love for the classic railway has never diminished and my vivid experiences, still alive in my mind, have clearly enriched my painting techniques over all those years.
In my illustrations you will find the steam-engines embedded in their different „working“ surroundings, because this is where these archaic man-made-machines, embroiled in swirling clouds of steam and smoke, are most alluring to me and seem to be almost alive. In sharp contrast to the sterile and soulless seeming electric railway from more modern times.
In my opinion a most fascinating theme.

Finally another aspect of my artwork is dedicated to the Vikings. As a true-born native to the german city of Hamburg at least once in your lifetime you will be confronted with seafaring and adventuring. Combined with the childhood lecture and loving memories of the comic „Prince Valiant“, created by the ingenious artist Harold Foster, a wonderfully illustrated world revealed itself to me, which I try to capture and bring to life in my paintings.

And now, enjoy!

Paintings marked with a red ( ) dot are already sold, all others shown on this page are still for sale.
Prices on request.