Wolfgang Tiedemann

I was born in 1950 and grew up in the beautyful city of Hamburg, Germany. From 1968 till 1972 I studied Visual Communication at the Fachhochschule Hamburg under Martin Andersch and Max H. Mahlmann.

After graduation as a graphic-designer I went on a long and diversified tour all over the colourful world of the german press. Starting with the HÖRZU and several special editorials I worked for development departments and special interest magazines.

Until 2011 I was Art Director in a publishing house in Hamburg concerned with the development and layout of special interest magazines.

By the way I am married, father of an adult son and still live and work in Hamburg.

For all the enduring help and inconveniences with designing this homepage and documenting my artwork I would like to thank my very special friends Stefan von Stengel (www.golf-galerie.de) , as well as Horst Piezug and his wife Hanne (www.foto-piezug-moschkowitz.de).

At this point I would like to recommend to you a visit to the homepages of three former fellow students and good friends of mine:

Gerhard Tenzer
from Berlin, Germany
(the ingenious drawer, painter and illustrator):
Gunther Andernach
from Hamburg, Germany
(the widely known graphic designer, also known as the „Dervish at the washing-board“):

and finally Johannes Lorentzen from Kiel, Germany
(an expert for experimental painting techniques):